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    Vanna Bonta is the author of FLIGHT: a Quantum Fiction novel, four collections of prize-winning poems, essays, screenplays, short fiction, song lyrics and music.

    Vanna Bonta is the author of the critically acclaimed FLight, a quantum fiction novel. She is loved by fans for her cameo role as the hero's young mother (Zed's queen) in the fantasy movie favorite, The Beastmaster. Vanna Bonta's talents also span two decades of performing as a voice artist for major feature films and television (Disney's Beauty and the Beast, Hocus Pocus, Demolition Man). She has writiten poetry, screenplays and short fiction since childhood.

    Bonta's debut novel, Flight, was praised by Publishers Weekly, the American Library Association Booklist, and other leading trade reviews. The hardcover first edition was followed by a paperback release. An ebook edition and audio book followed. Bonta read her own work, bringing signature years of voice-over to the narrative, also earning the audio edition positive trade reviews.

    Flight is an iconic 'who-is-it' starring Aira Flight, a soulful and innocent heroine of uncertain origin with amnesia. The adventures of a girl who mysteriously lacks a navel and experiences urban culture from the eyes of a newcomer to Earth continues to inspire fans in all camps and age groups, and has been called 'a fable of our times.'

    At six years old, Vanna Bonta saved her first rejection slip from a New York publisher. Her first collection of poetry, published at age ten, was prefaced by her grandfather, celebrated Italian author Luigi Ugolini. At age eleven, she wrote her first novel. Bonta's literary life is rooted in her earliest memories of her grandfather reciting Dante and classics to family after lunch.

    STAR TREK series creator Gene Roddenberry selected a Vanna Bonta story ("Somewhen") for Star Trek: TNG. The television show's Bible is a cherished treasure in Bonta's library, along with a treasury of writing instruments, from quill pens and era typewriters to computers that she collects.

    Bonta's poetry has been published in several anthologies and prized with two literary medals in Italy. Vanna Bonta was the recipient of the 2011 Lilly Brogi (Pergola Arte) International Literary Prize.

    When released, Flight sparked debate, attacks and controversy in amateur and semi-professional science fiction circles when noted for coining the term "quantum fiction", an emerging literary genre that hinges on new physics at the vector of science and consciousness.

    Admittedly not a fanatic of any one genre, Bonta favorites classics, describing them as works that "can stand outside of any genre as literature." Her passionate interest in outer space, mechanics (she rebuilt a car engine as a teen and invented a rocket engine part when on a team for the Lunar Lander X-Prize), physics, and the human relationship to the cosmos appears as themes throughout her prose, which she categorizes as simply contemporary fiction. However categorized, the Bonta signature is a cosmic view in works that transcend political and religious divisions with authentic, original writing and unforgettable characters.

    Bonta grew up in Thailand, in the American South, and regularly sojourned in Tuscany, Italy, with her mother, MariaLuisa Ugolini, a fine-arts painter. She is multilingual, reads and writes music, and her global influences include studies of Buddhism, Catholicism, ancient and modern religions.

    Whether writing about love, poverty, or human foibles, a recurring theme in her work is a core perspective of humanity's place in the cosmos.

    Bonta is a pianist and did her own piano playing as well as narration in the audiobook version of her novel FLIGHT. She has flown in zero-gravity and is noted for inventing the 2suit, a garment designed for intimacy in micro gravity environments that was tested for the History Channel series, The Universe, on an episode about Sex in Space.

    Her personal passions besides all things books and family include language of all kinds, invention, literacy, food, Nature, cultures, biking, dance and exosolar planets. Bonta is a space advocate and editor-in-chief of The Cosmos Review, a literary celebration of poetry and space.

    History Channel invited Flight author Vanna Bonta to be interviewed for The Universe series, for which she tested her 2Suit invention in zero gravity. The program features a woman in the future reading a book in space, the book being Flight: a quantum fiction novel, paying Bonta and her novel a distinguished honor. [
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