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    Flight, by Vanna Bonta, book reviews, Vanna Bonta novel Book and Author info
    F L I G H T: a quantum fiction novel

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    FLIGHT by Vanna Bonta, Bonta novel

    A writer seeking the meaning of existence finds himself entangled in a love story of multiverse dimensions as the fiction he is writing interweaves with reality, and the mundane engages mysterious coincidences and adventure on a subatomic level.

    The life of writer Mendle J. Orion is forever changed the day he meets a mysterious young woman with intense blue eyes and total amnesia who looks at modern urban life as though she's seeing it for the first time. The soulful stranger has no memory of any past yet Orion is strangely ecstatic about meeting her.

    While friends question Mendle's sanity and begin to investigate the woman's identity, he falls in love with the young woman he names Aira Flight. With the innocence of a newborn, Aira discovers urban life as if it were unfamiliar´┐Ż crime, war, poverty, love, nature, music, food, fashion, and video games. Mendle's conviction about her unearthly quality is sealed when he discovers she has no navel.

    Orion's novel-in-progress is curiously about a woman with uncanny resemblance to the stranger. As he writes the chapters, they eerily coincide with real events. Mendle becomes obsessed with synchronicity and what he perceives as peculiar interplays of fiction with reality, and people in his life become obsessed with finding out the woman's past and bringing him to his senses.

    A novel within a novel intertwines, twists and turns. When pieces of puzzling mysteries fit together, they reveal the door to the world of ultimate superheroes and possibility, blurring the line where fairy tale and the real world meet.

    Book one in the adventures of Aira Flight.

    Flight, by Vanna Bonta, book review, Bonta
    Hardcover & Paperback

    Book reviews, Flight, by Vanna Bonta review

    Flight quantum fiction audiobook MySpace
    2008 Audiobook release
    Unabridged, read by the author
    Available at & iTunes
    Flight Official MySpace

    • "Whatever 'quantum fiction' is, we need more of it. Bonta's first novel is reminiscent of Heinlein for its exuberant infusion of mystery, romance, and adventure into good, basic science fiction. "

    • "An auspicious genre-bending parable ... An inspiring romantic adventure ... refreshing..."
      - BOOKLIST, American Library Association

    • "Now this is a writer."

    • "Vanna Bonta's novel is the best look at the quantum physics universe since the Professor Q books of Trevor Hoyle. Great work that will be devoured by fans."
      - BOOK BROWSER, (Harriet Klausner) An Avid Reader's Guide


    • "Vanna Bonta reads her own work and is a refreshing and engaging narrator. She occasionally uses vocal effects but never to excess. This is a book with much to say."
      - AudioFile Magazine, June 2008

    • "Bonta's reading is clear and provides a satisfying atmosphere for this tale. Recommended"
      - LIBRARY JOURNAL, March 2008

    • " ... her (Bonta's) performance is brilliant ... I was hooked on this story, the tale is ingenious."
      - Audiogeist, February 2008

    • "Readers will feel part of the story, and will hate to see it end. You don't have to be a fan of science fiction to read this book, it's a cross-genre novel that everyone will enjoy."
      - Blogctritics, Ruth Augustine, May 2008

    • "Vanna Bonta's voice is entrancing - quickly making an engrossing connection between the listeners and the characters; her versatility as a voice actor brings a very realistic feel to the book.

      The combination of the characters, storyline, and Bonta's voice make the audio book an intense and memorable experience."
      - BOSTON Now, January 2008

    • "Bonta's voice keeps each character completely unique, a challenge in many audio books. Flight is an amazingly positive, life-affirming book, filled with beauty."
      - Gaggle of Book Reviews, January 2008

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    What is quantum fiction?
    Vanna Bonta talks about quantum fiction

    Author interview.

    About FLIGHT QF Creator Vanna Bonta

    review Flight, by Vanna BontaReviews

    review, Flight by Vanna Bonta Collector's hardcover edition ISBN: 978-0-912339-10-8
    Paperback ISBN: 978-0-912339-17-7
    Audio book, ISBN: 978-0-912339-36-8

    Additional eBook platforms: ADOBE.

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